Joe Allen and Orso Service charge policy

100% of the service charge is put towards our payroll

Service charge is not used to pay minimum wage, it is added to each member of staffs wage to ensure they earn a good fair guaranteed salary that is recognized by Banks and Building societies for loans and mortgages, and to ensure all our staff can meet their financial commitments.

The service charge is added to our payroll. There is never excess money and the company never takes money in any form from the service charge.

We believe that service begins with the reservation process or with the greeting at the door and then continues with every member of staff playing their part in ensuring that our customers receive excellent service which is why we share the service charge front and back of house.

All table tips left on top of service go to the waiters

We offered a Tronc system to all staff but it was refused as staff were concerned that they would not have a consistent salary and might not be able to meet financial commitments.

We are committed to supporting our staff and making our restaurants fantastic places to work. Many of our staff have been with us for over 15 years

We also offer all our staff

Membership of Hospitality action which provides them all with free access to helplines, grants, counseling and advice for all aspects of life;

  • Interest-free loans
  • Staff food
  • Uniforms
  • 50% discounts in our restaurant and affiliated business
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Perk box
  • Training and mentoring opportunities
  • Further information

We in the past paid minimum wage to the waiters and then divided service charge just among Front of House staff but found that we could not afford to pay our chefs a comparable income awe found the waiter’s income of minimum wage and service charge could mean that sometimes waiters earnt twice the amount of a comparable role in the kitchen, we felt it unfair that a junior waiter regularly earnt more than a Sous Chef. We also noticed that customers would ask for the service charge to be removed if there was a problem with the food and therefore concluded that customers regarded the cooking and preparation of food as part of the service charge they were paying and that therefore the service charge should be used to ensure all our staff have a fair living wage