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Our New Shows: Musical Starters – 28th April 2019

Our New Shows: Musical Starters – 28th April 2019

Our new shows, Musical Starters, have finally arrived!

Musical Starters turns the spotlight on up-and-coming musicals before they hit the stage. Each brunch will give guests a sneak peek into the West End hits of tomorrow, showcasing the best fresh musical theatre writing – the series is curated by musical writer, composer and standup comedian AJ O’Neill.

First up is Unicorn on 28th April – AJ says, “I created Musical Starters to give shows like mine a casual showcase in a supportive space where musical works-in-progress can be shared with an audience of industry professionals and the public, where they can get crucial feedback, some helpful publicity and possibly be seen by people who might help them to their next stage of development. I hope you enjoy hearing these writing voices of tomorrow as much as I have and that in a few years we will be looking back and saying that we heard them here first!”

The second musical, ‘Backstroke’, will commence at 2pm showcasing yet more talent. Written by Poppy Burton-Morgan and Ben Glasstone, this comic and poignant new musical sees a middle age named Grey try and escape his mid-life rut by auditioning for a rock band in hope to resurrect his teenage rock star dreams. In an unexpected turn of events, Grey realises he has actually auditioned for an all-male synchronised swimming team. Join musical stars to enjoy this journey of blossoming friendships and relationships as the musical explores the crisis of masculinity through oddballs, whilst belting their way through an indie-rock score. It is certainly is not one to be missed and there is no ticket required to attend – simply book your table at to hear cutting edge musical theatre!


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